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International Conference on Adopting REDD+ for Conservation, Sustainable Community Livelihood and Climate Change Mitigation


13-15 December, 2013
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sha Tin , Hong Kong.

The Geography and Resource Management Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong will host a conference on adopting REDD+ for conservation, sustainable community livelihood and climate change mitigation. This conference is co-sponsored by the Worldwide Universities Network. The event will be held in December 2013, 13 – 15.

Climate change is a global phenomenon with local consequences. The global energy and industry sectors contribute about 26% and 19% of the global greenhouse gas emissions respectively. With global deforestation accounting for 17% of the total greenhouse gas emissions affects, the international communities came up with a new climate change mitigation strategy in 2007: the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, or REDD+ in short.

REDD+ is an effort to create a financial value for the carbon stored in forests, offering incentives for countries to reduce emissions from forested lands and invest in low-carbon paths to sustainable development. REDD+ also includes the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Like climate change, REDD+ is a global phenomenon with local consequences. Many questions arise.

This conference will focus on three broad objectives:
- How can REDD+ effectively contribute to global climate adaptation?

- How can REDD+ contribute to sustainable livelihood development and community involvement?

- How can indigenous cultures and traditional forest management systems be incorporated in REDD+ initiatives?

- How can forests and related biodiversity and ecology help in climate change mitigation?

- Is REDD+ the ultimate solution for conservation and sustainable development?

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